Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nappa Valley, In Praise of the Grape

My how time flys, back in September I spent 8 days in the magical city of Nappa Valley, CA. What a heavenly location, rows and rows of beautiful purple and forest green grape vines, rolling hills, wineries, and wonderful food & art. It was like being in another country, relaxing and inspiring. It was 8 days of the best wine tours and tastings I had ever experienced. The views were intoxicating and puzzling at the same time. You had the lovely green plushness of the vineyards throughout Nappa and the dry coarseness of the San Francisco hills. Beautiful brilliant sunshine and clear skies over the Nappa hills and mysterious cloudy grey fog over the Golden Gate bridge. An artists' true paradise, dazzling to the eye.

I also found some wonderfully unique art galleries in Sonoma, Yountville and Nappa but hit the jackpot with "Thelma Harris Gallery" in Oakland. A very impressive art gallery that specializes in contemporary African American art. The gallery was located in a cozy eccentric area of Oakland, neighboring high end ice cream shops, restaurants, and other unique specialty shops. If you ever make it into Oakland it is a must visit for appreciators of fine art. Yes, of course I left my information, and I plan on following back up with them very shortly. Say a prayer that it works out for the good of all concerned.

Anyway the Northern California area was ripe with inspiration and good vino, including one of my long time favorite but little known types of wine, Gewurztraminer which I found out is pronounced with a "v" instead of a "w."  Gewurztraminer is a white wine on the sweeter side, a little sweeter than Riesling but not as sweet as a Moscato. Castle Di Amorosa in Calistoga, CA makes a delightful varietal (yes I became a light weight wine snob, darrrrrlllling). Anyway Chatue St Michelle is also a very popular Gewurztraminer that I know you will like that can be found in Columbus and probably everywhere else. 

Next on my long list is to create my own Nappa Valley inspired art creations. I can't wait to immortalize my vineyard memories and impressions on canvas. For most, a bunch of grapes represents a refreshing fruit snack, for me and my vivid imagination, a "bunch" of grapes represents "abundance." a field of grape vines represents, God's generous abundance. Which is what my wish is for all of you, may God bless you generously and abundantly above all you could ever ask or think. Praise to the grape! That sweet little purple nugget of heavens nectar.     

Hey also want to let you know that I will be showing my work next at the much anticipated "Winterfair" on November 30 through December 2 in Columbus, OH at the Ohio State fairgrounds I hope you all can come out for all your Christmas shopping needs.

Until next time,  Walk by Faith!!!