Friday, April 18, 2014


It has been a while since I have written. There have been many changes and activity- some good some not so good. I have been blessed with a strong and courageous heart but I am not claiming to be without fear. I have a poem "Creating Art is not for the Faint of Heart" which is so profoundly true. There is great joy in creating art but sharing art with the public is also being vulnerable and exposing your heart. Again, not always for the faint of heart. I have been successful at conveying warmth and  positivity through my work. For every smile at the gaze of my work, I wish I could get a dollar. I wish I could make a living off "smiles" for then I would be rich. I had many hopes tied to the last few months, although I am blessed, many of these hopes did not come into fruition but I did not and will not give up. I am blessed with a wonderful talent and I vow to simply modify and enhance my program.

 My heart is open for new beginnings and the promise of God's grace, It has been His grace that has brought me thus far and I know He will never leave me. I am so thankful that He has sent me many earth angels to surround and support me. I also have a nice network of loyal art collectors, that consistently buy my work. Although I may have had a few setbacks, I am positive I will be back in full effect in no time. Energized and ready to hit the canvas.

Friends and family it is in the midst of the storm that we must remember to reach for God's umbrella of protection. When things seem not to go as you planned, "it could actually be grace," (Mastin Kip). Choose faith over fear. As for me and my house, I know I will serve the Lord and I know that He has bigger and better plans for me. I just need to hold on get "unstuck." So as of 4:00pm today, I am claiming that I am officially  emotionally and creatively FREE and on the move. I am releasing these wonderful masterpieces and books of poetry that have been laying latent only in my mind, Free. I will move about this world with a fresh perspective, allowing my work to proudly show it and it will be magnificent.

There is an abundance of creativity in these hands, brilliance in this heart and I am GRACE anointed.    

Ashe Ashe, and be blessed. As I follow my bliss, please follow yours!