Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pushing through Resistance!!
I am a huge Super Soul Sunday fan. This week Oprah's guest is writer & author Steven Pressfeild, "The War of Art," and  his message for me is right on time. He has placed a name to the maddening space of the "yet to be seen ether" in which I seem to be often floating. I have a dream that I have been steadily nurturing for a number of years now, step by step with one foot in front of the other. My dream is contributing to the world with my art and poetry and making a living at it. Opportunity has rung the bell and I dutifully courageously (with blind faith) answered the door.  Shouldn't that be enough though? Unfortunately not.
"Resistance", which is what Pressfeild is that nagging self talk that says "I will never make it, I am not good enough. It is that negative recording that plays over and over in my head, even though my heart tells me to push forward, to paint and paint some more; even though the essence of my spirit calls me to write and let my imagination  run free, that negatively still seems to ooze right under my door sill. That heavy heady fog that I know I have no use for continues to tap me on my shoulder when I least expect it. Alas Steven Pressfeild with "The War of Art" reassures us that this is normal, he says and I am paraphrasing in my own words and understanding,  that that negative voice is "resistance" at its finest. It manifest itself as fear and procrastination. 
That's what it is, it is resistance. and having a name for it for me, gives me the strength to fight through it. I tend to be my worst critic, and I need to be more gentle with ME.  I need to hold closer to my greater values; using even more powerful words, actions and intentions than this thing called resistance. Can you say perseverance... victory...determination...divine inspiration...Faith. I am gratefully reassured in the belief that "resistance" is loudest right before the breakthrough. Around every corner I am looking with great expectation for the right people and opportunities that will lead me to God's promise of my breakthrough. This I know for sure!    

True bliss is achieved when you are comfortable with who you are and you know and accept God's plan for you. My humble .02 (cents)  for you, please be a captive audience in your own journey. Journal, paint, write, sing, dance, do what you love; just be gentle with the essence of your heart.  Push through the resistance and reach your divine potential .
A Gentle Way to Grow ©

By Lisa M. Cliff
A Gentle Way to Grow
Bloom, Shed, Grow
Question, answer, know
Plant, Nurture, Sow
No more status quo
A Gentle Blissful Flow
Stop, Reflect, Go
Love,  Accept, Show
Dancing to and fro
Pray, Believe, Glow
Share Receive Bestow
A gentle way to grow?
Savor Life Slow!
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"The War of Art," Steven Pressfeild says " There is magic in the beginning of something"
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Lisa M. Cliff 
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