Thursday, December 6, 2012

If You want to make God laugh... tell em your plans

There’s a profound joke that says, ‘‘Ever want to make God laugh…tell ‘em your plans.” I heard this joke a number of years ago and although simple, it has helped me keep a lot of things in perspective. In fact it helped me to walk by faith, not by sight. To not get stuck on my own “plans”, to be open to God’s providence and wisdom. Many times I seemed to walk blindly through mine fields, stumbling here and there but always landing wiser and stronger on my feet. When I began to embrace the metaphorical blind fold with its many seemingly uncontrollable disadvantages, and surrendered to blind faith, I began to navigate life so much more spiritually and effectively. Now I go through life expecting the changes that come with walking in God’s will. I know he has a big plan for me and I want to achieve it all.

Last month after 20 years of successfully growing the Glory Foods brand, I am now a free agent. This change was also not unexpected but still came with the labor pains of letting go of a child in which I helped to birth; Well the Glory Foods baby is now in new hands and today I am birthing my own baby, in what I hope to be a full time career in art. Communicating through Art truly is where my heart lies. Painting and writing poetry makes my heart sing. I feel like I am on the right track and I know it will take all of my continued patience, diligence and commitment to fully realize my dream.
Another profound life change is that I lost my little 90 pound lap dog, Kee Kee to cancer back in September. Kee Kee was a 12 years old Rottweiler and was the closest thing to a child I have ever known. I know some people do not understand deeply meaningful relationships that some of us have with our pets. They give unconditional love, companionship and purpose. I miss my little Kee Kee terribly but I am so appreciative of the 11.5 years I had her. Kee Kee was an unexpected gift from my  ex husband,  we had  her for about 5 years when we went through divorce and despite my initial protests she seemed to “choose” me to stay with. I think she knew before I did, how much I needed her. Over the years Kee Kee helped me to celebrate, grieve and appreciate life over all. She was literally my road dog, with a keen sense of judging character. If a person (especially men) didn’t pass the Kee Kee test, usually they didn’t make it to the second round. She was my little confidant, my “pretend” cooking student, (she loved all my culinary creations) and my “little lover bunny” giving the best hugs. I would also refer to her as my artistic muse; she would sometimes sit at my feet in my studio while I painted, even after it got painful for her to climb the steps, she would peddle downs the steps anyway. She was my sweet little best friend and I pray that I will see her again one day in heaven. 

Creatively, I am busier than ever, I am showing at the 200Columbus Gallery in Columbus at Easton Mall in Columbus for every weekend Nov. 23 until Dec. 31. Our opening reception is Dec. 8, 2012  from 6 to 8pm. We are upstairs near "Bar Louies." I showed last weekend at Winterfair at the Ohio State fairgrounds from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2”. I am also working on designing book cover for a good friend’s book and I am also delving into “color consulting” for construction projects. The construction opportunity will inspire me to delve further into abstract and landscape art and hopefully will lead to even greater opportunities to expand my work in business settings as well as working with interior designersrs.
This all goes to show when surrendering with blind faith, God will show up in bigger ways then you could ever imagine. In little pets that love you unconditionally, in marriages that end, in career changes that lead to amazing places; all things transpiring for the good of all concerned. Leading you toward your destiny.
This blog is dedicated to my late beloved Rottweiler, Kee Kee and all those who are blessed to be taken care of by loving pets.
Also want to send blessing to creative dreamers, may your every dream come to fruition. I want to leave you with this really truthful and impactful pearl of wisdom that I heard on Oprah this morning, it is from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, it goes like this:
“If you don’t bring forth what is inside you, what you don’t bring forth will destroy you. If you bring forth what is inside, what you bring forth you can save you” 
Please honor yourself by releasing and bringing forth all you have to offer.
Happy Holidays, and don’t forget to come see me at Easton, I need your positive energy and prayers as I move forward on my journey.
Talk to you soon

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nappa Valley, In Praise of the Grape

My how time flys, back in September I spent 8 days in the magical city of Nappa Valley, CA. What a heavenly location, rows and rows of beautiful purple and forest green grape vines, rolling hills, wineries, and wonderful food & art. It was like being in another country, relaxing and inspiring. It was 8 days of the best wine tours and tastings I had ever experienced. The views were intoxicating and puzzling at the same time. You had the lovely green plushness of the vineyards throughout Nappa and the dry coarseness of the San Francisco hills. Beautiful brilliant sunshine and clear skies over the Nappa hills and mysterious cloudy grey fog over the Golden Gate bridge. An artists' true paradise, dazzling to the eye.

I also found some wonderfully unique art galleries in Sonoma, Yountville and Nappa but hit the jackpot with "Thelma Harris Gallery" in Oakland. A very impressive art gallery that specializes in contemporary African American art. The gallery was located in a cozy eccentric area of Oakland, neighboring high end ice cream shops, restaurants, and other unique specialty shops. If you ever make it into Oakland it is a must visit for appreciators of fine art. Yes, of course I left my information, and I plan on following back up with them very shortly. Say a prayer that it works out for the good of all concerned.

Anyway the Northern California area was ripe with inspiration and good vino, including one of my long time favorite but little known types of wine, Gewurztraminer which I found out is pronounced with a "v" instead of a "w."  Gewurztraminer is a white wine on the sweeter side, a little sweeter than Riesling but not as sweet as a Moscato. Castle Di Amorosa in Calistoga, CA makes a delightful varietal (yes I became a light weight wine snob, darrrrrlllling). Anyway Chatue St Michelle is also a very popular Gewurztraminer that I know you will like that can be found in Columbus and probably everywhere else. 

Next on my long list is to create my own Nappa Valley inspired art creations. I can't wait to immortalize my vineyard memories and impressions on canvas. For most, a bunch of grapes represents a refreshing fruit snack, for me and my vivid imagination, a "bunch" of grapes represents "abundance." a field of grape vines represents, God's generous abundance. Which is what my wish is for all of you, may God bless you generously and abundantly above all you could ever ask or think. Praise to the grape! That sweet little purple nugget of heavens nectar.     

Hey also want to let you know that I will be showing my work next at the much anticipated "Winterfair" on November 30 through December 2 in Columbus, OH at the Ohio State fairgrounds I hope you all can come out for all your Christmas shopping needs.

Until next time,  Walk by Faith!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hope and Love in Savannah, GA

Hello dear freinds

Please sit down and grab a tall glass of sweet tea and let me tell you about my recent travels.

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Savannah, GA for the first time. It was absolutely beautiful, steeped in history and culture. I went for a romantic beach wedding of a friend. Very romantic but Hot even at 10:00 am. I was hopping to discover some authentic low country art while there well, I didn't get a chance to visit very many galleries, however, I did find some great art down on River St. The one amazing thing that I finally did,  I confirmed the belief that the sun does shine brighter and the sky is much bluer in the South. No really, its true. The sky in the South is a beautiful vibrant confectionery blue unlike any where else and with the backdrop of Savannah it was picturesque.

It's funny where you find inspiration, sometimes in the most unexpected places, well I surely found it under the sunny Savannah sky. I am here to tell you that "The ATL" aint the only gem to be found in GA. Savannah with its wonderful old mansions, charming Southern neighborhoods and tree lined streets is wrought with natural beauty. River St is the main attraction. It reminds you of the New Orleans French Quarter; boasting night clubs, restaurant, galleries, gift shops and cobblestone streets.

Although the charm of the city was very attractive, where I found my inspiration is in "Savannah's urban forest' which is basically everywhere, trees all over the city; there are these wonderful tree lined streets where the branches reach and lean right over the street, dripping with gorgeous Spanish moss. It is my beleief that trees are the holders of secrets, I read that many of these trees were planted in the late 1890's. Graceful and lucious, I plan on doing a whole series of paintings with these trees as the back drop. I have always loved the natural setting of the outdoors, in fact my "Divine Grace of the Sun" series features the colors and feeling of a long and brilliant summer day. I am not done with this series because it brings me so much joy, and what I plan on doing is incorporating trees in that series, then transitioning into a new series that I will also call something like "Urban Heaven." I am sure the name will change but naming a series, is like naming a business it helps me to put structure around my idea, yet allowing me the freedom to flow creatively within a concept. Anyway, the new series will reflect trees as the main event and will feature warmer colors like deep reds, burnt oranges, and moss greens. Of course, the trees will have that strange yet wonderful Spanish moss, I feel I can really explore/exploit the moss in many creative ways.

Another interesting experience I had in Savannah was I found a neat little antique shop right across from the SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Designs contemporary art gallery. The place was an old warehouse; very charming filled to the brim with almost too much stuff, including bags of jewelery, crates of of record albums, furniture stacked upon furniture; some very interesting unique stuff. If it was 90 degrees outside, it was 98 degrees inside this place. Right as I was about to leave I found an old vintage hat box full of dusty old black and white photographs. My mind starting spinning as I rummaged through the various plastic baggies of old photos, looking at the hairdos, clothes and cars. I grabbed a handful not even considering price until I go to register until the cashier told me  that some were as much as 3 bucks each. Really, there were thousands of them. I gave her the bunch and told her I only wanted 10.00 worth of $1 shots, she could pick. Of course she took her sweet time going through each one till she finally found 10 that she would part with. By now I am dripping in sweat and frustrated but I was determined to take some authentic history home with me. It was fun to imagine what was going on in the lives of these complete strangers way back when and I wanted to capture their essence.  I thought it would be neat borrowing some of the old time imagery from the photo for use in my current day work.

As far as the wedding, it was at Tybee Island right on the beach; it was a beautiful sunny day, which included your typical southern pop-up shower. At first I felt bad for the bride and groom that their lovely day would be rained out and I stopped to get an umbrella. When we got to the beach, the clouds slowly began to part away giving way for that hot demanding sun. I thought about my book, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain"  I just had to smile when I realized that I didn't need my umbrella for the rain but I did need it for that unforgiving sun. It was then a new inspiration hit me. Like the little Travelocity gnome that takes pictures of himself in every new and exciting location, I will too! The umbrella represents God's protection which I take with me every where any way, now I will keep a photographed record of it. Anyway the wedding was simply wonderful and quaint, it was off to the side among beach goers and the open ocean, that they said their "I do's." it was lovely.

As I said earlier, it is funny where one finds inspiration. I want to encourage you to find your inspiration by following your creative bliss. Whether it is writing, painting or sewing. You have creativity in you, everyone does. Grab a pencil and paper and just start drawing or listing creative ideas that you'd like to explore. I implore you to get a journal and commit to write in it daily, even if it is only a word or two. Then periodically go back and review, put your faith into action and go forward with some of the ideas. I have so many journals that I keep in the house, in the car, at the office, in my studio and I even keep a smaller one in my purse. I want to capture every God given thought and action and feel as if I have a responsibility to follow through with them, whether in a poem or in a painting. I have found this process has been good for my creativity and spirituality, because many of my entries are also prayers. For the sake of sharing, I found an old journal that I started in 2008 and randomly chose a selection. I found my very own definition of hope, here are a few lines:

"Hope is a God given gift to set a positive and loving mindset of expectancy. It is a reminder that we as people, are not yet done. Hope and change go hand and hand, like sisters. Hope gives you the determination and inspiration to face change, to look positively toward the future...hope is the reward for patience, hope is the opposite of worry, it is grounded in God's love for us"

Wow, sometimes it is good to hear from my old self, this was from 4 years ago and it still applies today. Please allow me the opportunity to add one more nugget of "Hope" for today; Hope is art manifested in me. I am asking you to now please explore your creative self and manifest hope in you too. 
With sincere thanks, peace and blessings until next time
Lisa M. Cliff

PS, Don't forget your umbrella!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

After the Festival, What Now?

So I did my first Columbus Arts Festival and I had a blast. Sold a lot of prints and got my name out there. It was truly a dream come true. Life affirming to say the least. Some artist paint because they can, I paint be cause I have to, creating is in my blood. Like oxygen I need it to breathe. The feedback that I received from the crowd was the best. The word I kept hearing over and over to describe my work was "joy," and  the feeling I experienced as I watched folks enter or pass my booth was "jubilant." My work, my thoughts, my truth, my little piece of heaven made people smile. It was affirming and humbling at the same time. Please allow me to share my experience with you.

First off I had spent almost every waking hour sketching, planning painting and framing. Suffering from occasional insomnia, I could barely sleep. Then the day finally came. Set up day was Thursday and my wonderful crew and I showed up at our scheduled time to the spot with our specially home made panels made of hollow core doors wrapped in felt. Sharp I must say. There were other artists around also busily setting up their booths as well. It was a cool evening and by the time we got our panels (walls) completely set up it was dark. Then the unthinkable, it started to rain. Talk about nerve racking, imagine taking your life's works, in which you have spent hours planning -painting -perfecting, out side in the elements. Trusting that a ten by ten canvas tent is going to hold up and be waterproof. We finished set up, carefully hanging every paintings just right and were heading home by midnight. I said a prayer asking for protection over my work and surprisingly feel fast asleep.

The first day I was open for business. It was cloudy but I felt acutely optimistic. As the day went on the temperature dropped and a constant mist laid above the festival. I made a few sales but as I looked around, no one seemed to be buying much of anything. It was a little depressing, my hair was frizzed up and I wore a coat,a  blanket and tennis shoes. It wasn't pretty but I never gave up and tried to keep a good attitude reminding myself that I was among a select few to be honored with the opportunity to be featured at the highly respected, Columbus Arts Fest. I calmed myself knowing that the forecast for Saturday called for sunnier and warmer weather and by faith, I claimed it as my own.

Saturday was 100% better. Just a perfect day. I met so many new people as well as being able to connect with old friends, many of whom didn't realize that I was a painter. My "Divine Grace of the Sun" series was the perfect way for me to introduce myself to the community.

Allowed me to get a better idea of what will work among the mass community as well as affirming for me that my work is I also made some great connections with other artists and a few media folks as well. Above is a picture of me and our fine Mayor, Mike Coleman, he has done wonders with our city. He now has two of my paintings in his private collection. It is always great to see him out supporting our community.

The other really important experience was that I was one of the only booths by a woman of color, and I feel I represented well. It was empowering knowing that my "Little Piece of Heaven" (my booth) truly did bring brilliant color to the Columbus Arts Festival in more ways than one. My work was met with many smiles, nods and thumbs ups. 

Since the arts fest I have spent this week so far attending to my day job as well as trying to get caught up on household duties that I had been neglecting. Giving myself a mental art festival debriefing, what worked, what didn't and what I will do next time. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

My next Columbus OH book signing and art showing will be June 22 at The Cavalier Club, 89 N. 17th St. My show will be the first of the Cavaliers summer series called "An Evening with My Sisters." I will be showing about 6 paintings, reading poetry and signing my book. We will also be featuring my wonderful spoken word kindred sister, Ms. Tanya Motley. Tanya is awesome and captures perfectly the spirit and tone of my work.  This promises to be an unforgettable evening of art, poetry and conversation. Please come join us!

What is next for me?, I am going to be researching art shows in the South to take the show on the road as well getting back on track with my book "An Umbrella in Case of Rain" My goal is to try and get it into mass distribution. I have a few "tricks up my sleeve to make this happen but I needed to give my full focus to the art festival, now that I have, time to slay the next dragon.  

Thanks to all who came down to support me, especially my loving family and friends Charles, Craig (Connie), April (Afro), my Dad, Tanya, Theresa and John. Special thanks also to those that actually purchased books or art from me. Also thanks to those of you that continually keep me in their prayers. You are all investing your time and energy graciously into me and my dream and I am ever grateful.

Until next time, always walk by faith!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Columbus Arts Festival

Homepage | Columbus Arts Festival

Columbus Arts Festival here I come!!!

That's right folks, I am on my way to the long awaited Columbus Arts Festival. I have been dreaming about participating in this for years. My first memories were as a child attending "Saturday School" at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I was probably about 10 years old and I would get dropped off in the morning and take the bus by myself from downtown. One day I took a transfer from CCAD to High St. and in front of the State House were dozens of artist, painting and showing their work. There were no fancy tents just artists with easels painting "Plein Air" (open air painting). I remember that my heart almost missed a beat. I knew that my mom had given me strict instructions that I was to get right on the bus and come straight home. But I could not resist walking booth by booth. It was thrilling for me. That was 30 years ago and now I am actually a part of this wonderful event. I know that my now deceased mother, "Rose Lee" would be so proud of me.

I am very excited!! I spend every waking moment planning the booth and painting. The series I will be featuring is called "The Divine Grace of the Sun"  which is from the poem that I wrote "My Prayer, My Song." For those of you that may have visited my Homeport Gallery showing, I showed a painting called " Even the Dallies Loved Her." This painting drew allot of attention and started a small bidding war. I loved this painting, it was based off of my memory of my grandmother, Leila Mae Harris. My mom, siblings and I lived with my grandmother on the near east side growing up. It was a two story house and I still have vivid memories looking out the back window at my grandmother, lovingly tending her garden. In addition to growing vegetables, she also loved her beautiful bright orange Daylillys. The Dalillys seemed to reach right out toward her as she picked and watered them. I also remembered the beautiful auburn sky. I captured this memories on what I think is one of my favorite works and have now created an entire series of work around this painting. I have tried to capture the simple feeling of joy found on a given Sunny day, thus appreciating God's gift of the "The Divine Grace of the Sun."  As an adult I also love to garden and now have my own garden of dalillys. With the Columbus Arts Festival, I feel as though I have come full circle yet I am only begining.

My Prayer and Song
By Lisa M. Cliff

This is my prayer, this is my song
Make me the woman, tender but strong

Help me to see with love’s pure eyes
Discerning and unafraid to ask why

Grant me a compassionate ear to hear
A humble heart true and sincere

Protect me on my walk of faith
Keep me still when I need to wait

Teach me patience before I run
Bask in the divine grace of the sun

Grant me wisdom along the way
Order my steps as I seize the day

Keep my loved ones safe and secure
Like the old oak tree, strong and sure

Thank You for choosing me as Your child
A humble demonstration of Your smile

Help me to be my best self everyday
All these things I ask and pray

Amen and Ashe’ Ashe’ 

The Festival is back at the Riverfront and if you haven't been down lately, you will be pleasantly surprised about all the improvements that have been made down there. Restaurants, fountains, benches etc. Really beautiful! Please come see me at my Columbus Arts Festival booth, M108, I will be located near the main stage on Main St. I will be the one floating on air in my sun hat, enjoying "The Divine Grace of the Sun".          

Hey also don't forget to pick up a copy of my book "An Umbrella in Case of Rain,"  Art and Poetry for the Soul. or email me directly at

The book is also available in Columbus at The Book Suite, Black Arts Plus and UJAMAA Book Store.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Orleans, Like a Surragete Mother

New Orleans, New Orleans
By Lisa M. Cliff

The heart of New Orleans cool bluesy and jazz
Daiquiris & Hurricanes, soul poured in a glass
It is beauty, art and steadfast perseverance
The spiritual & mystical running interference
Keeping the city alive blooming with promise
Beaming with pride, fleur di lis and a Praline kiss
New Orleans heart of jazz, red beans and Creole
Home of sinners and saints; music’s heart and soul
New Orleans, New Orleans a home like no other
Healing and forgiving like a surrogate mother

I recently had the opportunity to visit New Orleans again. I was there back in July for the Essence festival. While there I made contact with the "One Sun Gallery", I currently have 4 paintings there. The One Sun gallery is situated right in the French Quarter, 616 Royal St, a block over from Bourbon St. Please stop by if you are ver in New Orleans to see my work and say "Heeeeyyy Beeeebeee" (as they lovingly say in New Orleans) to Joesph the owner and curator.

To read the complete poem please go to my Face Book page, Blind Faith Fine Art and Poetry and see the rest of poem as well as seeing pictures taken in New Orleans.
Any way I was there early March for a wedding and while there saw it as a opportunity to seek out book stores in the area to feature my book, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain". When I got there, the first thing I did was pick up a copy of "New Orleans Black Pages, a monthly publication featuring black business and is on point. It did not fail to deliver! In fact by God's grace, a wonderful book store owner graced March's cover, Vera Warner- Williams of "The Community Book Center." As soon as I saw I made a mental note that her store would definitely be a destination stop for me. The article on her and her book store talked about how involved she is in the community and how if you're lucky, a simple errand to the bookstore may turn into finding yourself sharing a cup of gumbo with new friends. Well it did, but I will talk about that later. Back to the "Black Pages" by editor Glynn John Reeds another wonderful sister that I recently met. Anyway, every black product or service was featured in this little book from the best soul food breakfast to entertainment to finding a good orthodontist. If you ever visit NOLA, please pick up a copy and make it a point to "buy black". The city is recovering and the French Quarter is boomin again but black business in that area (like many urban cities) need your help. For instance the "One Sun Gallery" features mostly black artists, it is one of the only galleries in the French quarter to feature black inspired art. We need to support this important business and this brother.

Ok after spending my first afternoon at the One Sun Gallery, Joseph, the owner and I went to a book signing in a wonderful historical building right outside the French Quarter. It was a fabulous Southern mansion in true New Orleans style with beautiful white beams framing a welcoming front porch with decorative iron awnings. As soon as we walked into the reception, who sat there but Vera, the Community Book Store owner, I only met her briefly but made a mental intention to go find the store in the morning and get my book placed there. The reception was very nice and featured an African Brother regaling stories of his beloved country. Upstairs featured the most profound historical art, featuring scenes from the French invasion from a Black artist perspective.

The next morning after getting lost a few times, I finally found "The Community Bookstore". I walked in on a Saturday morning to find the owner, Vera Bradly and her manager, "Mama Jean" having breakfast with about a dozen international exchange students; they had helped to paint a lovely mural across the wall. In the spirit of true Southern hospitality they invited me to join them  for a wonderful impromptu breakfast that had been prepared by the students. A New Orleans style breakfast fit for a king, smoked sausage with onions, scrambled eggs with green and red peppers and cheese and fresh beignets. It was delicious and I was starving, thanking God for my good fortune and I was also able to get my book "An Umbrella in Case of Rain" placed in the store. See, this is what I am talking about when you follow your heart with intention by walking by faith not by sight and you support the community, the community supports you.  It is the law of reciprocity.
That evening I attending the wedding and it was beautiful and the bride and groom were glowing however, toward the end they asked everyone to come out to a courtyard for a surprise; it was a full 6 piece band, with horns and drums; they handed out beads and umbrellas and the entire wedding party, (probably about 50 folks) marched around the French Quarter to traditional zydeco jazz music in celebration of the wedding and of the new beginnings. Sometimes this same tradition is used for funerals also a celebration of life and a new beginning. It was wonderful!

On the last day of my trip I was able to meet another warm and spiritual sister that welcomed me into her home gallery in spite of her not feeling well, Ms Sandra Berry of the Neighborhood Gallery. This meeting was so inspiring and uplifting; Sandra and her opera singing husband Joshua (I can't make this stuff up) were just a joy to talk with. They have worked tirelessly over the years to promote and advocate for artists of color in the New Orleans area. We sat talking about art and they shared stories about Katrina and how they barely made it out; I felt blessed to share my book with them. I believe I made friends for life that day and also we realized we had a mutual friend in Columbus, Judy Dixon another wonderful artist and purse designer. We called her immediately to say hello to her and she was Washington DC for a conference.

 I have a line in one of my poems called "Life is a Continuum of Opportunity" I refer to the proverbial 6 degrees of separation and how meetings we sometime call random are not random at all. I believe they are serendipitous  occurrings that are staged by the Divine Himself. There are no accidence! Judy called me a few days later to tell me she saw my work in DC at "B Smith" restaurant, which was also extremely affirming for me that as an artist my work is becoming recognizable and to also show me that we are all connected. I heard such coincidences referred to as "God Winks," well my trip to NOLA certainly was. 

You see when the day is done, it truly is about my God given gift, my work, my purpose. It is using my gifts to reach and touch people through my images and my words. It is using my every experience to produce great works. My trip to was another stepping stone on my journey toward my purpose; I continue to be a humble example of God's grace and spreading His good news.  Here are a few lines from the poem "Life is a Continuum of Opportunity" featured in my book "An Umbrella in Case of Rain"

There is a divine plan orchestrated by a deity of three
A universal truth;
life is a complicated
series of litmus tests
No matter how trivial
they may seem on the surface
Test runs in order to achieve
true greatness

Thank you for visiting this blog which I consider my online journal;  a further glimpse beyond the paintings into the heart and journey of this artist. Again, please support me with a purchase of my book which makes a perfect Mothers Day gift or order a print at
and  and also become a Facebook Friend of "Blind Faith Fine Art" and SHARE with friends and family.  You are also welcome to comment on this blog or share a "God Wink" with us. 

I will also have a book signing on May 11 at the William H. Thomas Gallery on Columbus OH's Eastside, 1270 Bryden Rd form 6 to 8:30pm. Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Announcing my new book, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain"

Well I just celebrated the end of my showing at Homeport gallery, which for me was a great success. I sold some work, gained awareness on my brand (my name) and made new friends, what could be better than that. My closing reception was also a hit, coupled with my first book signing of "An Umbrella in Case of Rain"; the first of many. When God closes one door another swings open wide,  if you simply believe; you just have to be prepared to leap through. I am and I will and what an incredibly freeing feeling this is.

I do want to say a few words about our fallen diva, Whitney Houston. what a sad loss; lets all take note on her life and realize how short and how precious life can be. Lets make sure we love and enjoy our family and friends while we have them. An even greater lesson for me is to live my life fully, to follow my passion, to live leaving few regrets. in others words  if there are sights I want to see, I am going to see them, if there are goals I want to achieve, I am going to fully engage myself in them. I am going to make it happen, there is a poem in my book, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain" called "I am the captain of the ship," it is one of my favorite poems. It is about taking ownership of your destiny. the following are a few lines:

"I am the captain of my ship
resourceful and well equipped
the master of my destiny
seeking out the God in me
making a conscious choice to dance
never a victim of circumstance"

As I continue my journey of living my best life, I pray for God's protection and I also pray for strength to never get bogged down by life's challenges; that I keep and maintain my peace of mind unlike our precious diva, Whitney. She had reached the pentacle of success but simply couldn't find simple peace of mind. Nonetheless, we all loved her and pray that now she can truly rest in peace.

As far as the book is concerned, I am overall pleased; self publishing has had its challenges. Pursuing this endeavor is more than just a notion. It was hard work and if you decide to do it, understand that the work is all on you. Don't believe the hype from the self publishing agencies that say they will be with you all the way. I mean they will but its gonna cost ya!  You would think that simple editing would be a part of package, well its not. As I mentioned, its hard work but as I look at the finished product, I am feeling a sense self fulfillment. I feel like "I did it, I am now an artist poet and  published author." Now I just have to get the book sold. I am counting on YOU to make your purchase today. You can order at, or  or if you are local, you can now go to "Black Arts Plus" 43 Parsons Ave. Columbus OH 43205.   

By God's grace, I know there is a poem or image that will resonate with you or someone you love. Buy one today, it makes a perfect birthday, graduation, or Mothers day gift.

Humbly living life out loud, 
Ashe' and Amen

Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Umbrella In Case of Rain, Book Release

Happy New Year
I have not written in a while. I have been trying to get my book, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain" published. I am happy to report that you can now add "author" to my profile. It has been quite a task. Following with blind faith has made it possible for me to get through the process with patience. I am going to now begin marketing the book and you can order any time by going to and then going to the bookstore tab, entering my name and or title into the "bookstore" search. Or you can also see my webiste which has a direct link. There you will find my author profile and a quick synopsis of the book. It is a collectors "coffee table" type book that features my art images as well as my authentic poetry. The hard copy retails for 41.00 and the soft cover retils for 31.00. There are approx 60 pages of warm and inspiring images and poem. The book willl laos be avialable at and in a few weeks as well.

Again the title is "An Umbrella in Case of Rain", please note that directly under the title I added, "Volume 1", this is my call to action for myself and my affirmation to the universe, that I am just getting started! With audicity of faith, I bleive and am claiming now, there will be several volumes to come. In fact while waiting on Volume 1 to be completed, I have already amassed the first poems and art for Volume 2. But there are other opportunites that I will explore first, with Volume 1 I am in process of creating an "An Umbrella in Case of Rain" journal/workbook that I will also offer  for public release. I firmly beleive that a part of my journey and purpose is to encourage others to also follow their dreams, offering an added little push (from God through me). The journal will be a guidedwork book in which I will talk about my mind, body and spirit processes that inspired the painting and poetry and offer excercises that will help you develop and find your bliss too.

The goal for "An Umbreall in Case of Rain" is to introduce my art and my voice to the world. To offer my pearls of wisdom, all that I've lived and learned to you and to those who may need a word of faith. Some may ask ,who am I to think that I can do this; my response, who am I not to? At 50 years old I made a vow to myself to listen to and follow the urgings from my heart. I promised that the second half of my life would be happier, louder and more self fullfilling than the last.  Next week I will be 52, I am vibrant and blessed with big dreams, well on my way to manifesting what I promised myself at 50. Please join me in agreement  on this journey and I vow to join you on yours. I keep a running prayer list, just holler at me.

Within the next few weeks I will be having a closing reception at the HomePort Gallery. As I am the consumate multi tasker, it will be a closing art reception, book signing, and birthday celebration all in one. I will have greater details within the next few days.

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