Monday, February 27, 2012

Announcing my new book, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain"

Well I just celebrated the end of my showing at Homeport gallery, which for me was a great success. I sold some work, gained awareness on my brand (my name) and made new friends, what could be better than that. My closing reception was also a hit, coupled with my first book signing of "An Umbrella in Case of Rain"; the first of many. When God closes one door another swings open wide,  if you simply believe; you just have to be prepared to leap through. I am and I will and what an incredibly freeing feeling this is.

I do want to say a few words about our fallen diva, Whitney Houston. what a sad loss; lets all take note on her life and realize how short and how precious life can be. Lets make sure we love and enjoy our family and friends while we have them. An even greater lesson for me is to live my life fully, to follow my passion, to live leaving few regrets. in others words  if there are sights I want to see, I am going to see them, if there are goals I want to achieve, I am going to fully engage myself in them. I am going to make it happen, there is a poem in my book, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain" called "I am the captain of the ship," it is one of my favorite poems. It is about taking ownership of your destiny. the following are a few lines:

"I am the captain of my ship
resourceful and well equipped
the master of my destiny
seeking out the God in me
making a conscious choice to dance
never a victim of circumstance"

As I continue my journey of living my best life, I pray for God's protection and I also pray for strength to never get bogged down by life's challenges; that I keep and maintain my peace of mind unlike our precious diva, Whitney. She had reached the pentacle of success but simply couldn't find simple peace of mind. Nonetheless, we all loved her and pray that now she can truly rest in peace.

As far as the book is concerned, I am overall pleased; self publishing has had its challenges. Pursuing this endeavor is more than just a notion. It was hard work and if you decide to do it, understand that the work is all on you. Don't believe the hype from the self publishing agencies that say they will be with you all the way. I mean they will but its gonna cost ya!  You would think that simple editing would be a part of package, well its not. As I mentioned, its hard work but as I look at the finished product, I am feeling a sense self fulfillment. I feel like "I did it, I am now an artist poet and  published author." Now I just have to get the book sold. I am counting on YOU to make your purchase today. You can order at, or  or if you are local, you can now go to "Black Arts Plus" 43 Parsons Ave. Columbus OH 43205.   

By God's grace, I know there is a poem or image that will resonate with you or someone you love. Buy one today, it makes a perfect birthday, graduation, or Mothers day gift.

Humbly living life out loud, 
Ashe' and Amen

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