Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Umbrella In Case of Rain, Book Release

Happy New Year
I have not written in a while. I have been trying to get my book, "An Umbrella in Case of Rain" published. I am happy to report that you can now add "author" to my profile. It has been quite a task. Following with blind faith has made it possible for me to get through the process with patience. I am going to now begin marketing the book and you can order any time by going to and then going to the bookstore tab, entering my name and or title into the "bookstore" search. Or you can also see my webiste which has a direct link. There you will find my author profile and a quick synopsis of the book. It is a collectors "coffee table" type book that features my art images as well as my authentic poetry. The hard copy retails for 41.00 and the soft cover retils for 31.00. There are approx 60 pages of warm and inspiring images and poem. The book willl laos be avialable at and in a few weeks as well.

Again the title is "An Umbrella in Case of Rain", please note that directly under the title I added, "Volume 1", this is my call to action for myself and my affirmation to the universe, that I am just getting started! With audicity of faith, I bleive and am claiming now, there will be several volumes to come. In fact while waiting on Volume 1 to be completed, I have already amassed the first poems and art for Volume 2. But there are other opportunites that I will explore first, with Volume 1 I am in process of creating an "An Umbrella in Case of Rain" journal/workbook that I will also offer  for public release. I firmly beleive that a part of my journey and purpose is to encourage others to also follow their dreams, offering an added little push (from God through me). The journal will be a guidedwork book in which I will talk about my mind, body and spirit processes that inspired the painting and poetry and offer excercises that will help you develop and find your bliss too.

The goal for "An Umbreall in Case of Rain" is to introduce my art and my voice to the world. To offer my pearls of wisdom, all that I've lived and learned to you and to those who may need a word of faith. Some may ask ,who am I to think that I can do this; my response, who am I not to? At 50 years old I made a vow to myself to listen to and follow the urgings from my heart. I promised that the second half of my life would be happier, louder and more self fullfilling than the last.  Next week I will be 52, I am vibrant and blessed with big dreams, well on my way to manifesting what I promised myself at 50. Please join me in agreement  on this journey and I vow to join you on yours. I keep a running prayer list, just holler at me.

Within the next few weeks I will be having a closing reception at the HomePort Gallery. As I am the consumate multi tasker, it will be a closing art reception, book signing, and birthday celebration all in one. I will have greater details within the next few days.

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