Monday, November 17, 2014

Kreativity is Good for the Soul!

Paint, Sip ans Soul with Lisa & Friends

I haven't written in a while, Been keeping busy with Fall shows and my newest venture, Paint, Sip and Soul with Lisa,  fun art instruction. I am jumping on the band wagon of the hot new trend of social painting with cocktails. As you know my intention is to live a creative life of art and as I have pondered what this looks like,, my heart has been open to many possibilities. I began hearing about the whole paint and sip party trend  about 2 years or so. Many of my friends and family have attended paint parties locally and said that it was fun, and I thought I would check it out, (sooner or later) but God has a sense of humor and the chatter or inner urgings became louder; friends started texting me, emailing me, strangers began speaking to me at events, asking when I would start doing my own paint instruction parties. Finally one Sunday night a good friend and ex colleague sent me a text at 1:00 am in the morning about a paint and sip franchise that he thought I should check out. Then exactly one hour later my sister sent me a text at 2:00 am about a paint sip party scheduled for that week. After I read and processed each of the texts, I sad Ok Lord, I hear you! Texts for me in the middle of the night Do Not happen. So in the morning I started doing research on the concept. I began pulling up facts, figures and stats and was watching the local noon news, when low and behold, they do a story of an artist, that also offers fun painting classes at her gallery.  Now if this was not bizarre enough, then the phone rings, "Are you watching channel 4 news right now?, Lisa this is for YOU!!" from another old friend that I hadn't spoken to in months. I took these messages as a full on "God Wink" and I got busy planning my first paint and sip,

I know from my corporate back ground that it wouldn't be enough to simply do what the other guys are doing, I wanted to do mine better. I was determined to put the "soul" in my paint and sip party, adding my poetry and my passion for inspiring others to seek their creativity, Thus "Paint, Sip and Soul with Lisa" was born. So far each lesson has been allot of fun and I have some larger parties already on the schedule. I really love it.and also want to add a corporate component with a team building element. In my past life as a VP of sales, I used to make a point of encouraging strong teamwork among my team members with team building activities: we went bowling. took cooking classes, did comedy shows and even went shooting together. All in an effort to build a strong team and inspire loyalty in the company's mission. It was team building that led my team to consistently meet and exceed sales goals. My desire is to utilize Paint, Sip and Soul with Lisa,  to help other business' flourish and also build strong teams.

So far I have been holding these parties at Zanzibar Brews on Long St. every other Wednesday however, I would eventually want to have a retail store front presence. Last month on a weekend vacation down South, I happened upon a paint and sip store on a Friday night, the owner informed us that they were completely sold out (of what looked like 50 seats) for Friday and Saturday and  if I registered right then, I may be able to attend the Sunday afternoon class. I know with my business experience, passion for serving others and love for art, this could be a successful business model. I too could have sold out classes while having fun inspiring others to reach for their latent creativity and living the life of art that I dream of.

As I continue to walk by faith- not by sight, I am ever prayerful that if it is God's plan for me to bring my vision into fruition that it will be so. In the mean time I am asking for your prayer's and support of this venture. I cannot do this without you: friends and family with big open hearts; interested in not only supporting my business but also interested in having fun exploring their own creativity (and spreding the news then telling folks . I truly do believe that creativity is good for the soul. Led by the right and left brains, creativity can open portals to endless possibility. Paint, Sip and Soul with Lisa is a party with a purpose, you are exercising the underused part of your heart that is youthful and imaginative. I believe that in using the gift of creativity, not only do we nurture our souls, we also  making God smile,

So come on, join me. 
Let's Get Our Paint On!!!

Paint, Sip and Soul with Lisa & Friends

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