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Columbus Arts Festival

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Columbus Arts Festival here I come!!!

That's right folks, I am on my way to the long awaited Columbus Arts Festival. I have been dreaming about participating in this for years. My first memories were as a child attending "Saturday School" at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I was probably about 10 years old and I would get dropped off in the morning and take the bus by myself from downtown. One day I took a transfer from CCAD to High St. and in front of the State House were dozens of artist, painting and showing their work. There were no fancy tents just artists with easels painting "Plein Air" (open air painting). I remember that my heart almost missed a beat. I knew that my mom had given me strict instructions that I was to get right on the bus and come straight home. But I could not resist walking booth by booth. It was thrilling for me. That was 30 years ago and now I am actually a part of this wonderful event. I know that my now deceased mother, "Rose Lee" would be so proud of me.

I am very excited!! I spend every waking moment planning the booth and painting. The series I will be featuring is called "The Divine Grace of the Sun"  which is from the poem that I wrote "My Prayer, My Song." For those of you that may have visited my Homeport Gallery showing, I showed a painting called " Even the Dallies Loved Her." This painting drew allot of attention and started a small bidding war. I loved this painting, it was based off of my memory of my grandmother, Leila Mae Harris. My mom, siblings and I lived with my grandmother on the near east side growing up. It was a two story house and I still have vivid memories looking out the back window at my grandmother, lovingly tending her garden. In addition to growing vegetables, she also loved her beautiful bright orange Daylillys. The Dalillys seemed to reach right out toward her as she picked and watered them. I also remembered the beautiful auburn sky. I captured this memories on what I think is one of my favorite works and have now created an entire series of work around this painting. I have tried to capture the simple feeling of joy found on a given Sunny day, thus appreciating God's gift of the "The Divine Grace of the Sun."  As an adult I also love to garden and now have my own garden of dalillys. With the Columbus Arts Festival, I feel as though I have come full circle yet I am only begining.

My Prayer and Song
By Lisa M. Cliff

This is my prayer, this is my song
Make me the woman, tender but strong

Help me to see with love’s pure eyes
Discerning and unafraid to ask why

Grant me a compassionate ear to hear
A humble heart true and sincere

Protect me on my walk of faith
Keep me still when I need to wait

Teach me patience before I run
Bask in the divine grace of the sun

Grant me wisdom along the way
Order my steps as I seize the day

Keep my loved ones safe and secure
Like the old oak tree, strong and sure

Thank You for choosing me as Your child
A humble demonstration of Your smile

Help me to be my best self everyday
All these things I ask and pray

Amen and Ashe’ Ashe’ 

The Festival is back at the Riverfront and if you haven't been down lately, you will be pleasantly surprised about all the improvements that have been made down there. Restaurants, fountains, benches etc. Really beautiful! Please come see me at my Columbus Arts Festival booth, M108, I will be located near the main stage on Main St. I will be the one floating on air in my sun hat, enjoying "The Divine Grace of the Sun".          

Hey also don't forget to pick up a copy of my book "An Umbrella in Case of Rain,"  Art and Poetry for the Soul. or email me directly at

The book is also available in Columbus at The Book Suite, Black Arts Plus and UJAMAA Book Store.

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