Thursday, December 6, 2012

If You want to make God laugh... tell em your plans

There’s a profound joke that says, ‘‘Ever want to make God laugh…tell ‘em your plans.” I heard this joke a number of years ago and although simple, it has helped me keep a lot of things in perspective. In fact it helped me to walk by faith, not by sight. To not get stuck on my own “plans”, to be open to God’s providence and wisdom. Many times I seemed to walk blindly through mine fields, stumbling here and there but always landing wiser and stronger on my feet. When I began to embrace the metaphorical blind fold with its many seemingly uncontrollable disadvantages, and surrendered to blind faith, I began to navigate life so much more spiritually and effectively. Now I go through life expecting the changes that come with walking in God’s will. I know he has a big plan for me and I want to achieve it all.

Last month after 20 years of successfully growing the Glory Foods brand, I am now a free agent. This change was also not unexpected but still came with the labor pains of letting go of a child in which I helped to birth; Well the Glory Foods baby is now in new hands and today I am birthing my own baby, in what I hope to be a full time career in art. Communicating through Art truly is where my heart lies. Painting and writing poetry makes my heart sing. I feel like I am on the right track and I know it will take all of my continued patience, diligence and commitment to fully realize my dream.
Another profound life change is that I lost my little 90 pound lap dog, Kee Kee to cancer back in September. Kee Kee was a 12 years old Rottweiler and was the closest thing to a child I have ever known. I know some people do not understand deeply meaningful relationships that some of us have with our pets. They give unconditional love, companionship and purpose. I miss my little Kee Kee terribly but I am so appreciative of the 11.5 years I had her. Kee Kee was an unexpected gift from my  ex husband,  we had  her for about 5 years when we went through divorce and despite my initial protests she seemed to “choose” me to stay with. I think she knew before I did, how much I needed her. Over the years Kee Kee helped me to celebrate, grieve and appreciate life over all. She was literally my road dog, with a keen sense of judging character. If a person (especially men) didn’t pass the Kee Kee test, usually they didn’t make it to the second round. She was my little confidant, my “pretend” cooking student, (she loved all my culinary creations) and my “little lover bunny” giving the best hugs. I would also refer to her as my artistic muse; she would sometimes sit at my feet in my studio while I painted, even after it got painful for her to climb the steps, she would peddle downs the steps anyway. She was my sweet little best friend and I pray that I will see her again one day in heaven. 

Creatively, I am busier than ever, I am showing at the 200Columbus Gallery in Columbus at Easton Mall in Columbus for every weekend Nov. 23 until Dec. 31. Our opening reception is Dec. 8, 2012  from 6 to 8pm. We are upstairs near "Bar Louies." I showed last weekend at Winterfair at the Ohio State fairgrounds from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2”. I am also working on designing book cover for a good friend’s book and I am also delving into “color consulting” for construction projects. The construction opportunity will inspire me to delve further into abstract and landscape art and hopefully will lead to even greater opportunities to expand my work in business settings as well as working with interior designersrs.
This all goes to show when surrendering with blind faith, God will show up in bigger ways then you could ever imagine. In little pets that love you unconditionally, in marriages that end, in career changes that lead to amazing places; all things transpiring for the good of all concerned. Leading you toward your destiny.
This blog is dedicated to my late beloved Rottweiler, Kee Kee and all those who are blessed to be taken care of by loving pets.
Also want to send blessing to creative dreamers, may your every dream come to fruition. I want to leave you with this really truthful and impactful pearl of wisdom that I heard on Oprah this morning, it is from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, it goes like this:
“If you don’t bring forth what is inside you, what you don’t bring forth will destroy you. If you bring forth what is inside, what you bring forth you can save you” 
Please honor yourself by releasing and bringing forth all you have to offer.
Happy Holidays, and don’t forget to come see me at Easton, I need your positive energy and prayers as I move forward on my journey.
Talk to you soon

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