Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year, Commit to Find Your Bliss in 2013

(swinging into a new year of bliss)
Welcome to the New Year. Hopefully you are like me and excited about the possibilities this new year will bring. Below is a poem that I penned recently its called “Dwelling in the Possibility of Bliss.” It really does reflect my current frame of mind. I truly believe that life is about a series of pre-destined opportunities and philosophical choices. Our choices, although they may some time seem random and un-affecting can turn these pre-destined opportunities into long term life changing new paths. You see it’s not just the big life cycle decisions that make the difference, like whether to take or quit a new job or enter or leave a relationship.  It’s also some of the smaller decisions that can lead to greater paths. That is why I first consult “My Source” in everything I do, through prayer. When faced with decisions to move forward, go back or be still, I always pray first. I ask, “which way will bring me closer to my higher purpose?” Then I simply get still, attentive to the still small voice. Then I proceed by “dwelling in the possibility of bliss” confident that whatever decision I make will be blessed. With blind faith, I understand that there are no coincidences or random acts. I expect goodness to follow me. I know that life doesn’t always go my way but I believe there is a reason, season and lesson in everything.
The dictionary describes “Bliss” as “a state of extreme happiness. I was surprised that the great poet and playwright, William Shakespeare has used the word “bliss” in context at least 20 times. As in the next example “O what sympathy of woe is this, as far from help as Limbo is from bliss.” I do not claim to know Shakespeare but I do know “bliss” and I believe what he was trying to convey with these words in the tragedy of “Merchant of Venice” is how sad it would be to live a life of  indifference, never to achieve real happiness. I find my bliss in many ways, through love and family but my passion is truly painting and writing poetry; and this is ultimately about communication. Art is about trying to communicate a compelling message or story.  My wish is to communicate through art, messages of hope, faith and positive energy. This is the ocean that I choose to swim in, where I find myself and find my bliss. It is my place of self actualization. I am on a never ending journey as vast as the sand in the sea; color, images and words represent vast possibilities for me. The act of creating is exactly within my wheelhouse and I try and live in a constant state of positivity.  I could not imagine a life without art.
For this new year, 2013, I want to implore you again to find that which brings you to your place of bliss. Whether it is art, music, volunteering, leadership, or gardening. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing, just sing it with gusto. Claim your bliss and set aside time to nurture and swim in it.             
Dwelling in the Possibility of Bliss
By Lisa M Cliff
When all around me are losing their heads
Hindered by a constant state of dread
Finding myself caught in a brief moment of fear
Then I go inside myself to organize what I hear
Through all the chaos, chatter and confusion
Realizing beyond the facade, is just an illusion
Bliss quietly whispering my name
Reality is a figment of how it’s framed
And then consciously choosing to rise above it all
When bliss rings the bell, I must answer the call
A slave to possibility, a prisoner of hope
An opportunity to push bliss’ envelope
Yes, I choose to dwell in the possibility of bliss
Where inspiration and imagination kiss
Where fairy tales and dreams come alive
Where ingenuity and intention survive
Yes, some may call me Miss Polly Anna
But uber possibility is my Nirvana
And I would prefer to be called “Bliss”
A state of mind in which to reminisce
And look forward to, return and be
Where bliss and creativity run free
When all around me are losing their heads
I consciously seek my bliss instead
Choosing to dwell in the state of possibility
Where blissful dreams come alive and fly free

A few ago weeks ago I participated in Career Day at a local elementary school. I spoke to 1st and 2nd graders about creativity and pursuing art and poetry. They were so funny and inquisitive. I showed them two paintings and a copy of my book, “An Umbrella in Case of Rain”. I spoke to 4 different classes and told them that by using their own imagination and creativity, there would be no limit on where they could go, see or accomplish. When I asked for questions at the end of my segment, I got the gamble of questions including what my age was and how much money did I make. But I also got some really interesting questions. One child asked if I was successful. I paused then told the class to look at the picture and tell me how the picture made them feel, they yelled out “happy”, “joy”, and “makes me smile”. Then I told them, “Yes,” I was successful, because I accomplished what I was trying to accomplish; which is to make people smile and feel happy. In another class another child holding my book and had pointed to my picture on the back of the book and asked “Are you famous?,” without hesitation I told him, not yet but I am working on it. What I meant by that is “famous” for me, represents living my dream of making a living creating art and having my work become collectible such as some of my favorite “famous” artists like, Charles Bibbs, and Jonathon Green. “Famous” for me is also inspiring others to pursue their dreams; encouraging them to find their true bliss and “success” is the manifestation of dwelling in the possibility of bliss. I count both of these as part of my life’s mission and purpose. I truly am “working on it.”
Please join me on this journey by sending your prayers and positive energy my way and thank you to everyone that may have encouraged me and/or purchased my work over the past few years.
For this new year of 2013, I wish you many happy adventures, colorful experiences and boatloads of love.
Lisa M. Cliff
P.S. As a reminder my work is still hanging at the Art Mix Gallery/Studio at Easton Town Centre- upstairs near “Bar Louie’s.” My work will be there every weekend in January 2013 along with several other very talented artists. Please stop by and say hello and if I am not there, leave me a note. Come and enjoy the wonderful art, compliments of the Easton Foundation.   

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