Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ashe Ashe: Prayers in Color, my first solo art show

Hello and welcome to my new blog where I will be sharing poems and detailing the slow but steady emergence of my art career and journey.

September 23 marked the first day of my solo art show at the Homeport Gallery at the Lincoln Theatre. It was a wonderful event that is me on the right and Nicole the gallery director on the left. The show is titled "Ashe' Ashe': Prayers in Color. I wrote a poem called "My Prayer, My Song" which is a deep reflection of my soul and foundation from which I stand today. The first lines of the poem:

"This is my Prayer, this is my song
Make me the woman tender but strong"

First allow me to talk about my writing process. I have journals upon journals of prayers and poems; my artistic brand to my work is "Blind Faith" which is based off of 2 Corinthian 5:7- For we walk by faith, not by sight." I beleive this premise is what I was destined to live by. It is my personal call to action, not just a bible verse but also a lifestyle. A part of my life's mission is to communicate this message and encourage others to listen to and follow their heart, walking by faith. With this in mind, I felt moved to write a prayer and then create a series of paintings to accompany the prayer. When I say moved, I should say that I was almost nagged  or strongly encouraged by the still small voice. I then wrote the poem and started the first picture but I was still a little unsure of the idea but because God is very clever, he then sent a new friend (Charlene)  into my home and when I told her about my idea, she asked or stated quite a matter of factly, if I was going to write the poem directly through the entire series. With a big smile I answered "yes, of course." And that was  it, I begin the series which turned into 7 paintings of  7 women praying this prayer. Each of the women are featuring at least 2 lines of the poem streaming in a ribbon in the context of the painting.   

As I got up to painting number 5, I went to the Homeport Gallery for what I thought was a opening reception of another artist friend's show, however, when I arrived, the gallery was empty except for the gallery director, Nicole. I walked around the gallery admiring the show and trying to get the nerve to go talk to her about my work. As much as I love and am proud of what I do, I still find it hard to promote myself. But again listening to the still small voice whispering, "walk by faith," I approached her with my business card and told her about my series idea. She seemed somewhat interested, so I took her card and asked her if I could come in at a later time and show her examples of my work.

About two weeks later, there I was loading my car with paintings, my artists statement, and my portfolio. As an artist there is always the fear of what if the gallery director hates my work or just doesn't get it. Nonetheless, very nervous and now on my way into the gallery, my stomach began to churn. As I pulled out the work and began to talk about my process, I began to relax because Nicole has a warm personality and to my relief,  I could tell that she too understood my vision. We then looked at calendars and chose a date for the opening.  I had just nailed a date for my first solo exhibit. God is so good 24/7.

Who knew that because I chose the wrong date for my friends reception to go into the gallery and the gallery director, just happened to be alone. This would lead to the fulfillment of a dream so big. Would I have gotten this opportunity if not that night perhaps another time? maybe, but I choose to believe that by walking by faith, not by sight on that particular summer evening, I had showed up for my divine appointment with destiny.

Please look for my next post and I will share all the wonderful details of my reception night.On an on going basis I will be sharing adventures from an emerging artist stand point, A stand point not many are aware of. I will try and keep it interesting and will also be sharing my poetry and other pearls of wisdom.

Thanks for honoring me with your time and interest.

Lisa M. Cliff

PS, This weekend Oct 30, the Homeport Gallery (779 E Long St, Columbus OH)  and I will have "Quiche, Coffee and Conversation with the Artist. There will be a light brunch and I will have the opportunity to talk and expand upon my work. I will also be featuring another artist with a dream, Ms Faye White, a wonderful singer.


  1. Yesterday's event, Quiche,Coffee and Conversation with Lisa M. Cliff offered more insight than I originally had on the motivation and inspiration behind the pieces you have on display at the Homeport Gallery. I was already a great fan of your work, but now have a deeper spiritual appreciation for what went into each and every piece. You have unashamedly laid your heart and soul on each canvas and offered the world a glimpse at the true core of your emotions. I will forever cherish that part of you that you have shared with us. I love your work Lisa!!
    Cheryl Brooks Johnson

  2. It's really wonderful to see you spreading your creative wings! You're a star who has done big things and will do even more of them with your art! Have fun, cherish the experience of getting where you're going, and keep your eyes on the prize!! :-)