Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Mid-Summer Dream

I can't believe we are half way through the Summer already. Well I have been busy, considering all my options for the future. It is such a blessing to have options.  I am a true believer in God's divine order, a faithful follower of God's plan. However, I also believe that God has intricately devised many paths specifically for each of us that he generously leaves up to our own individual free will. Our God is not an oppressive "my way or the highway" type of God;  He is a patient, grace granting, loving provider, who only wants the best for us. Thus, we are all gifted with options. And here I sit faced with many options. I recently read that a good way to pray for your best path is to ask, "which way will bring me closer to life purpose?"

 Ah, yet another question, leading  to those precious options.  Options deliciously hanging on the vine for the picking, like the sweetest mid summer purple grapes. If I had it my way, in my own perfectly purple dream  I would paint, day in and day out. Lending my own flavor or beauty to the world. My work would be in such demand I could barely keep up. I would continue weaving stories using my paint brush and a few tubes of acrylic paint. I would inspire others to dream big dreams; I would fulfill what I perceive my purpose to be and communicate positive energy, encouraging others to love and accept themselves; In my perfect world my work would help heal the world, starting or at least participating in a chain reaction of positive change in world filled with a diverse and broad spectrum of colors & cultures that converge and unite in beautiful creativity. Now that's what I would call a divine option.

Well that's my dream and I am blessed to realize that as far fetched as this dream may sound; I still consider it as a viable option and one that I work toward daily. As I navigate from dream to reality, searching through a sea of options which include pursuing art or returning to corporate sales to make a living, I settle in the knowledge that divine solutions will arrive. I know that through God's unlimited grace, all things are possible.

My mid-summer wish for you is that you also recognize your many God given options and that your soul sails in the direction of your best and highest good. May your dreams and options prosper greatly in business as well as creatively.

 Always follow your heart & follow your dreams and never forget to count your blessings! Oh and of course I also want you live a vibrant colorful life steeped in beautiful creativity; Remember like life, art is what you make it, MAKE IT BIG!     

Artfully Yours,
Lisa M. Cliff 


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